New Products

Series IEF Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Transmitter
Series WE35 3-Way NPT Brass Ball Valve
Series WE08 2-Piece NPT Brass Ball Valve
Series 616KD-LR Differential Pressure Transmitter - Low Ranges
Series WRBT Multi-Jet Water Meter with Removable Bottom
Series WPT Multi-Jet Plastic Water Meter
Series WMH Multi-Jet Hot Water Meter
Series MTL5541 Galvanic Barrier
Series BTT-E/N Temperature Transmitter
Series 2000-HA High Accuracy Magnehelic® Differential Pressure Gage
Series AVUL Air Velocity Transmitter
Series VFCR Visi-Float® Acrylic Flowmeters with Roto-Gear Valve Technology
Model LDPM Digital Differential Pressure Manometer
Series DBVL & SWBV Low Lead NPT Brass Ball Valve
Series SPPM2 Graphical User Interface Panel Meter
Series VRK Valve Repair Kit
Series ARK Pneumatic Actuator Repair Kit
Series RTI2 Rate/Total Indicator
Series USB-300 USB Wireless Receiver
Series EOS Wireless Occupancy Sensor
Series TSDIN DIN Rail Mount Temperature Switch
Series TSXT Digital Temperature Switch
Series TST Digital Temperature Switch
Series SAH SMART Air Hood® Balancing Instrument
Series 629C Wet/Wet Differential Pressure Transmitter
Series SSCS Sure-Set Current Switch
Model MSCS Miniature Current Switch
Series PMT2 Particulate Transmitter
Model 473B 100 mm Vane Thermo-Anemometer Test Instrument
Series EWDP Wireless Communications Adjustable Differential Pressure Switch
Series 668B/D Compact Differential Pressure Transmitters
Series 16G, 8G, 4G Temperature/Process Loop Controllers
Series TTMS Metal Electronic Totalizing Meter
Series TTMP PVC Electronic Totalizing Meter
Series CDTV Carbon Dioxide/Volatile Organic Compound Transmitter
Series AQTIA Air Quality Test Instruments Kits
Series WE20 Butterfly Valve
Series TUF Ultrasonic Energy Meter
Series 477B Handheld Digital Manometer
Series 490A Hydronic Differential Pressure Manometer
Series IWP Industrial Weatherproof Pressure Transmitter
Model UHH2 Universal Handheld Test Instrument
Series SMV2 Mini Stainless Steel Ball Valve
Model WA Water Leak Detector
Series WE07 2-Piece Flanged Stainless Steel V-Ball Valve
Series WE06 3-Piece NPT Stainless Steel V-Ball Valve
Series WE05 3-Piece Socket Weld Stainless Steel Ball Valve
Series 477AV Handheld Digital Manometer
Series SYS Stainless Steel Y-Strainer
Series R Mineral Insulated RTD