Series HBV Hastelloy® C Ball Valve

Corrosion Resistant, Full Port

Series HBV Hastelloy® C Ball Valve incorporates several innovative design features for improved process performance. The ISO 5211 mounting pad facilitates direct mounting of pneumatic and electric actuators. In combination with our high-cycle, live-loaded stem packing system, the HBV series ball valve is an ideal choice for all your automation requirements.

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Model Description Usually Ships* Price Code Order
Ships: 12-13 Weeks
Price: $2,981.00
1/4" 3-piece alloy-c ball valve, Cv 6. 12-13 Weeks* $2,981.00 B Order
Ships: 12-13 Weeks
Price: $2,981.00
3/8" 3-piece alloy-c ball valve, Cv 8. 12-13 Weeks* $2,981.00 B Order
Ships: 12-13 Weeks
Price: $3,038.00
1/2" 3-piece alloy-c ball valve, Cv 12. 12-13 Weeks* $3,038.00 B Order
Ships: 12-13 Weeks
Price: $3,972.00
3/4" 3-piece alloy-c ball valve, Cv 32. 12-13 Weeks* $3,972.00 B Order
Ships: 12-13 Weeks
Price: $5,731.00
1" 3-piece alloy-c ball valve, Cv 46. 12-13 Weeks* $5,731.00 B Order
Ships: 12-13 Weeks
Price: $7,415.00
1-1/4" 3-piece alloy-c ball valve, Cv 82. 12-13 Weeks* $7,415.00 B Order
Ships: 1-2 Weeks
Price: $10,782.00
1-1/2" 3-piece alloy-c ball valve, Cv 120. 1-2 Weeks* $10,782.00 B Order
Ships: 1-2 Weeks
Price: $13,761.00
2" 3-piece alloy-c ball valve, Cv 400. 1-2 Weeks* $13,761.00 B Order


Gases, steam and liquids compatible with wetted materials.
End Connections:
Female NPT.
Pressure Limits:
2000 psi (137.9 bar); ASME B16.34 Class 900 (see Catalog page).
Temperature Limit:
-20 to 425°F (-29 to 218°C).
Wetted Materials:
Valve Body, End Caps, Ball and Stem: ASTM 494 Type CW12MW (Hastelloy® C); Seat, Body Seal, and Stem Packing: TFM.
Other Materials:
Body Bolt, Gland Washer, Stem Nut, Space Washer, and Handle: 304 SS; Handle Cover: Vinyl.


  • ISO 5211 direct mounting pad
  • Blow-out-proof stem
  • Lockout capability
  • High-cycle, live loaded stem packing

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