Series BBV-1 3-Valve Block Manifold

Stainless Steel Body, NPT Connections

Series BBV-1 Block Manifold can be used over a broad range of industrial applications including oil refineries, nuclear power stations, petrochemical processing, and more. The Series BBV-1 body is forged from 316 stainless steel bar stock and designed to withstand repeated open and close operations. Suited to control oil, water, toxic fluids, chemicals, air, and steam; the 3-valve block manifold has (2) isolate and (1) equalizing valves. Each valve stem is precision machined with hard seats to reduce operating torque.

The flanged model is designed to mount to an industrial differential pressure transmitter. The BBV-1F comes with four 7/16-20 UNF mounting bolts and two PTFE gaskets, and the BBV-1D comes with eight 7/16-26 UNF mounting bolts and four PTFE gaskets.

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Model Description Usually Ships* Price Order
Ships: Same Day
Price: $176.00
3-valve block manifold. Same Day* $176.00 Order
Ships: Same Day
Price: $162.00
Mini 3-valve block manifold Same Day* $162.00 Order
Ships: Same Day
Price: $275.00
Double flanged 3-valve block manifold, 316SS Same Day* $275.00 Order
Ships: Same Day
Price: $216.00
Flanged 3-valve block manifold. Same Day* $216.00 Order
Ships: Same Day
Price: $180.00
Multiplanar 3-valve manifold Same Day* $180.00 Order


Compatible liquids, gases, or steam.
End Connections:
Process Connection: No flange: 1/2" female NPT; Flange: DIN 19213 flange; Instrument Connection: No flange: 1/2" female NPT; Flange: DIN 19213 flange; Vent/Test: 1/4" female NPT.
Wetted Materials:
Body, stem, valve assembly: 316 SS; Stem packing: PTFE.
Pressure Limit:
6000 psi (400 bar).
Temperature Limit:
464°F (240°C).
Other Material:
Handle: 304 SS.

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