Valves & Accessories

Valves include Ball, Butterfly, Check, Globe, Needle, and Solenoid Valves. Actuators come in pneumatic and electric, Air Filters have different fittings and port sizes, Connectors eliminate need of welding, Electro-Pneumatic Contollers, Current/Pressure Transducers, Positioners, Position Indicators are linear or rotary operation, and Volume Boosters.

  • Valves
  • Actuators
  • Air Filters / Regulators
  • Bulk Head Connectors
  • Current to Pressure Transducers
  • Damper Actuators
  • Position Indicators / Switches / Transmitters
  • Positioners
  • Pressure to Current Transducers
  • Volume Booster

Valves This category contains the different types of valves. These different types are Angle Seat, Ball, Butterfly, Check, Diaphragm, Globe, Manifold, Needle, Shuttle, Solenoid, and Zone Valves.

Actuators Actuators come in pneumatic and electric actuators for automating quarter-turn valves. This category contains accessories. Applications include damper control. These actuators have a compact rack-and-pinion design. Dwyer offers double acting and spring return models in a variety of sizes to fit any application.

Air Filters / Regulators This category includes filters, regulators and lubricators for pneumatic systems. Dwyer's regulators are low cost and one of the models is miniature. Variety of fittings and port sizes depending on the regulator.

Bulk Head Connectors Bulk Head Connectors allow for easy installation of blow tube through the dust collector wall and eliminate the need for welding of use of additional flanges. The fittings enable easy removal and re-assembly of blow tubes for cleaning and maintenance.

Current to Pressure Transducers Current to Pressure Transducers in which some products are NEMA 4X enclosures, compact, low cost, and explosion-proof. Applications include valve actuators, brakes, clutches, and relays.

Damper Actuators Damper Actuators are electric motors for positioning of dampers in HVAC systems. Low cost, two-position actuators are also non-spring return direct coupled actuators. Dwyer's models are designed to accept floating control signals and come in a variety of power supplies.