Employee Association

On behalf of the Dwyer Instruments, Inc. Employee Association (DEA), we welcome and thank you for considering us for your next career choice!

Here at Dwyer we take our employee's very seriously. Over 60+ years ago a group of employees gathered and decided they wanted to do something special for their colleagues. Their goal was to "give back" to the Dwyer Associates to show them how much they were appreciated. From this the Dwyer Employee Association (DEA) was born and it has been in existence ever since.

The reason the DEA exists is to show our associates how much they mean to us; we want to show them they're not just a number. Since this is so, we hold many events for our associates including, but not limited to: a Halloween costume contest where prizes are won, a Christmas luncheon on-site where we enjoy entertainment, great food and company, and give away gifts, plus many more events. Our most recent and major success was bringing together a large number of our associates with their family and friends to a local bowling alley for some pizza, bowling, comradery, and fun. We had such positive feedback from this first-time event that we have high hopes to make this an annual affair. The point of our Association is to boost employee morale while creating a fun, safe, productive environment for the numerous professionals we have the good fortune of working with.

We hope that this letter clinches your decision to be part of our Dwyer team and would like to wish you the best of luck in your job search.

Taylor A. Gussman
President - Dwyer Employee Association
Dwyer Instruments, Inc.