Technical Sales Program

"The future of Dwyer Instruments depends on new talent that will drive innovation and growth in a fast paced environment. The technical sales program has been the starting point for a number of leaders currently within the Dwyer organization, who are largely responsible for the company's growth and overall success. For example, those that started in the technical sales program have become successful Product Managers, International Sales Managers, Ecommerce Managers, Directors, and even the President of the Company. The program provides a solid foundation in understanding the customer experience and how our products are designed and applied. The program generally lasts for 18-24 months and includes rotations in all key functional areas such as engineering and operations. Your training will be a true "hands-on" experience in that you will learn all about the products you will eventually be selling. Through our training program you will learn how products are designed, how they are manufactured, and what their applications and capabilities are. You will be solving problems and building relationships with customers; some of which may last for a lifetime. Technical sales is truly a rewarding experience with upside potential for those that want to take advantage of the opportunity. If you think that you have what it takes to be successful in technical sales and are up for the challenge, then we would love to hear from you."

- Mark Fisher, President

Testimonials from Past & Current Sales Engineer Trainees

"After graduating from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science in Biological Engineering, I started working at Dwyer as a Technical Sales (Technical Sales Program) in July 2015. Even though it has only been a few months, the job has already proved to be a very valuable and educating experience. During the training period, you get to work with different departments such as Product Management, Strategic Management, Engineering, Technical and Inside Sales, factory visits, etc. In addition to learning about the company and its different departments, you are simultaneously training to go out into the field through Field Sales shadow trips, and additional training courses. I have currently completed product training, factory visits, my first rotation with the Product Management team and I am halfway through my second rotation with the Strategic Management team.

During the factory visits, I have gotten to spend some time working with the lines to see how some of the major Dwyer products are built which is strengthening my understanding of the products. The Product and Strategic Management rotations are extremely beneficial because I get to learn how important it is for a Field Sales Engineer to know the responsibilities of each department. I was able to contribute to various ongoing product and financial analysis based projects in both rotations. I also had the chance to work on product videos and interact with the marketing team. In addition, I have my first Field Sales shadow trip coming up, which I am really looking forward to.

Finally, I love the idea of customer interactions, traveling, and promoting a company's strengths, which are very well paralleled with the responsibilities of a field sales engineer, making me grateful to have started my career with Dwyer's Technical Sales Program."

- Swetha Vinjimoor, Field Sales Engineer In Training

"I first learned about Dwyer Instruments during my junior year of college at the University of Michigan. I saw their name on an inclined manometer in our lab and later discovered that Dwyer inclined manometers were used with most of the wind tunnels in the aerospace department.

I saw Dwyer's name again on the career fair website and decided to pay them a visit because their internship sounded very interesting. After talking with the representatives there, I was invited for an interview, and I was ultimately hired as a Sales Engineering Intern for the summer of 2014.

During that summer, I learned more than I ever thought I was going to and had a great time along the way. The internship was focused on product release, and this gave me the opportunity to work with many different departments that all assisted in the release process.

The internship gave me my first real taste of engineering because I finally saw principles I learned in class being applied in Dwyer's products. It also gave me a taste of business because I communicated with vendors about our products. At the end of a great summer, Dwyer made me a full-time offer to come back after I finished my senior year, and I happily accepted it.

I went back to Michigan for my senior year, and although it was stressful, post-graduation was something I never worried about. I'm still thankful to Dwyer for waiting for me to finish my degree. I graduated in May 2015 with a Bachelor's of Science in Aerospace Engineering and began working for Dwyer full-time in June. I was placed in a training program which would prepare me to become a Field Sales Engineer.

The training program has consisted of different modules, and each one has helped prepare me for the field. I've worked several assembly lines in our factories, which gave me a deeper understanding of the products we sell. I've worked with two strategic marketing teams, which has taught me where and how to focus resources. By the end of the training program, I will have worked in technical support to assist the customers that I'll be eventually meeting, and I will have shadowed current Field Sales Engineers to learn from Dwyer's best.

The training Dwyer has provided has been excellent, and they value feedback. They listen to what I have to say and value my opinion (even though I've only been here 5 months by the time this is posted). I first noticed this as an intern, and it is ultimately what drew me back to Dwyer for post-graduation work.

Many people have asked me, "Michael, you have a degree in Aerospace Engineering, shouldn't you be working with aircraft? What made you want to pursue a field position?" Although aircraft work may be the norm for an "aerospace" degree, I've learned that the "who" you are working with is just as important as the "what" you are working on, and I see Dwyer as a great "who" to be working with. As for the field, I've learned this: engineering in its purest form is taking a finite amount of resources, developing an effective solution, and successfully implementing it in a finite amount of time. That's what Dwyer does, it's what I'm being trained for, and I couldn't be happier to be a part of their team."

- Michael Stratton, Field Sales Engineer in Training


"I first learned about Dwyer Instruments during the spring of my senior year of college at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign at the Engineering Career Fair. I stopped at their booth and spoke with the representative for a long time about what Dwyer does, what positions they were offering and what working at Dwyer would entail. At the end of the conversation, I was invited to interview for a sales engineering internship the following summer (I was returning to UIUC for a 9th semester to finish a business minor).

I decided to accept an internship closer to home but remained in contact with Dwyer throughout the summer. When the career fair occurred the following fall, I was sure to speak with Dwyer again. I interviewed once again, this time for a full time position as a field sales engineer. After my experience the previous summer in a completely unrelated field, I realized I was much more suited to sales engineering and was ecstatic to be invited for a second round interview at the corporate headquarters in Michigan City, IN.

Ever since I accepted my full time offer, Dwyer has been very accommodating; from adjusting my start date to allowing time off for personal/family emergencies to catering lunches for employee appreciation.

In addition, I have learned a great deal during my time as a Dwyer employee. The Technical Sales (Technical Sales Program) program has recently been updated and improved to be a rotational program which introduces you to every component of the business. There are 6 modules including: initial orientation, product management, manufacturing, technical sales, inside sales, and field sales. So far I have fully completed the orientation and technical sales modules, as well as nearly completed the product management and manufacturing modules.

My time in technical sales taught me a great deal about our product lines as well as the markets we serve. Working with the product managers has introduced me to the business side of Dwyer and the delicate balance between revenue and margins. My time working with the strategic marketing team exposed me to the incredible amount of research and communication that is required to develop and launch new products. Finally, my time touring Dwyer's manufacturing plants has given me a greater understanding of how our products work as well as an appreciation for all the steps involved in manufacturing each of our products.

Further, throughout my training, I have interacted with people of all levels in the company from manufacturing plant employees to the president. I have also interacted with co-workers and customers from all over the world. The culture at Dwyer is very inclusive and each employee's opinions and suggestions are valued.

I am incredibly happy with my decision to join the Dwyer team and am excited to continue my career at this extraordinary company."

- Jordan Sherman, Field Sales Engineer in Training

"Dwyer equipped me with real-world knowledge in Mechanical, Chemical, and Electrical Engineering, and taught me why they are fundamental and critical in the Instrumentation and Controls Industry. The coolest part of my training was spending a month at our manufacturing facilities seeing how plastic or even raw materials, like aluminum, are turned into marketable products. As an Technical Sales Program, I learned to work well and communicate effectively with my colleagues within the different departments; I also learned the interpersonal skills that are essential to the business world. There are countless opportunities to interact with clients of varies backgrounds, from domestic customers to meeting international business partners during our Global Sales Meeting. Dwyer provides its trainees with unique exposures and has helped us shape our business concepts on a global scale."  more...

- Sean Liu, Field Sales Engineer, CA